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About Our Company

FLEXCON has the perfect containers for any material handling system

Manufacturing space and storage space are precious commodities. Since its inception over 35 years ago, Flexcon’s goal has been clear: 

To provide durable, cost-effective containers that enable our clients to put their valuable space to work with “total efficiency.”


We have the containers that hold the answers to your storage and retrieval problems. No matter what size or style you require, Flexcon has them, and can get them to you when you need them. This flexibility is made possible by our unique ability to make containers in hundreds of different sizes and dozens of styles without charging for tooling.

Imagination and Innovation

Flexcon is much more than just an outstanding container supplier. We form close partnerships with our dealers and clients to develop a thorough understanding of their material handling needs. Then we use our experience and expertise to create the perfect container system for their unique requirements.

This approach has enabled Flexcon to increase usable space for many clients by as much as 30%. It also enables us to design storage and retrieval systems that are ergonomically effective and aesthetically pleasing. Flexcon’s containers help make businesses more productive and profitable by creating efficient solutions to their materials handling problems.

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Quality and Commitment

Flexcon is ready to help you. Our material handling specialists and customer service personnel are eager to talk with you, help solve your handling and storage problems, and provide you with a better container system than you’ve ever thought possible.

The sizes, styles, materials, colors, and accessories we’ve illustrated in this brochure can be mixed and matched – or even custom designed – to fit your needs exactly. So contact Flexcon today and start putting all of your space to work with “total efficiency.”

Flexcon’s containers are featured in Modern Materials Handling’s cover story about Pfizer.


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