Giant Stack Containers
Multipurpose, wide open hopper front provides easy access for large part storage. Ideal for multiple applications in recycling, storing parts, tools and warehouse items. This bin will stack up to 6 bins high creating a sturdy, tall storage system. Injection molded from high density polyethylene, easy to clean, resists rust and corrosion and impervious to most chemicals. Large label holder allows for quick identification. Optional clear window increases storage capacity and allows for inspection of parts. Optional, six 1/4" drill hole points on bottom of bin allow for drainage. QGH 700 is available in Red, Gray, Blue, Green, Ivory and Black. QGH 600 and QGH 800 are available in Gray, Blue and Red. Please specify color.

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  • Extra thick side walls with reinforced rib designed for strength, allowing for 100 lb. stack capacity per bin
  • Large grip side handles
  • Stacks 6 bins high
  • Optional six 1/4" drill holes on bottom of bin allow for drainage

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Mobile Giant Stack Containers

  • Ideal for transport of heavy and bulky parts

Container comes with 4 swivel, 3" casters, 2 of which have brakes, allowing for
up to 250 lb. mobile load capacity. Containers can stack with casters in place

QGH 705MOB is available in Gray, Blue, Green, Ivory, Black or Red

QGH 805MOB is available in Gray, Blue, and Red


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