Euro Drawer Systems
Save time locating small parts using our tough Euro Drawers above with our sturdy open/closed steel shelving. 36" wide x 75" or 39" high units have heavy duty, high grade shelving with a 350 lb. capacity per shelf. Closed shelving provides a dust free environment for stored parts. Shelving is gray, drawers are available in Blue, Yellow, Gray or Red. Please specify color. One color bin per unit.

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Akro Drawers 3118BLU akro bin 31148GRY akro bin 31148RED Akro Drawers 31142 red 31162 clear akro mills drawer 31112CRY akro mills drawer 31142BLUE akro mils 31118YEL akro mils 31142 GRAY akro mils drawer 31188CRY akro mils drawer with dividers 31188CRY akro mils drawers 31112RED  AkroDrawers group 1 Akro Drawers group 2 clear akro mills drawer yellow akro mills drawer
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