Clear Tip-Out Bins

Clear Tip Out Bins
These clear, break resistant injection molded plastic containers tip open smoothly to a 45 angle and are completely removable for easy access and refilling. Molded handle with slots for labels provided. Bins are easily cleaned with soap and water. Polystyrene cabinet can be stacked or wall mounted. Exterior available in White, Ivory and Gray. Please specify color. Cups available in clear. See page 26 for optional locking rod


Model Outside
Description Carton
Price QTY
Below 100
Price QTY
Above 100
QTB301 11-7/8" x 11-3/16" x 13-7/8" 1 Compartment 1 7 $119.91 Call for Price
QTB302 11-3/4" x 23-5/8" x 13-7/8" 2 Compartments 1 14 $158.23 Call for Price
QTB303 7-3/4" x 23-5/8" x 9-1/2" 3 Compartments 1 9 $49.78 Call for Price
QTB304 6-5/8" x 23-5/8" x 7-1/2" 4 Compartments 1 7 $45.23 Call for Price
QTB305 5-1/4" x 23-5/8" x 6-1/2" 5 Compartments 1 5 $32.17 Call for Price
QTB306 3-5/8" x 23-5/8" x 4-1/2" 6 Compartments 1 2 $19.37 Call for Price
QTB309 2-1/2" x 23-5/8" x 3-1/8" 9 Compartments 1 2 $16.37 Call for Price


23-5/8" W
DIV 303 and DIV 304
QTB 303 and QTB 304 cup can use optional divider, as shown above

  • Tip Out Bins are available in 13 sizes (8 with the same width) with a selection of heights and depths
  • They can be stacked as modular units or used individually
  • Exterior housing is injection molded from high impact Polystyrene
  • Clear bin cups are injection molded from a custom blend of Phillips K Resin and Crystal Styrene for clarity and durability
  • Compartments tip open smoothly to a 45 angle and provide comfortable and complete access to stored items.
  • The flexibility of the system allows you to customize your own system to meet your specific needs
Clear Tip Out Bin Systems can be used in any application
Industrial, Mechanical and Plumbing Supplies 

Very handy for the garage, tool shed, service vehicle, factory, hardware and home center facilities


Very efficient when it comes to organizing and keeping an effective inventory in hospitals, pharmacies, labs or clinics.


The smartest organizer after a hard day's play. It will help keep your child's room in order.


Plastic Bins for Storage Systems and Materials Management

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